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Jun 14

Cuckoo Finalists In Multiple Event Industry Awards Categories

We've followed up our strong showing at the 2013 Event Industry Awards with an even stronger showing at the upcoming 2014 Awards. With 6 slots across 3 different categories, we're punching well above our weight again.

Last year

Last year 3 of us were delighted to be finalists in the Event Producer of the Year category. At that stage we were not even 1 year old so to have 3 of us nominated by clients and / or peers and to have the 3 of us make the finals was amazing.

On the night Elaine from Magnum Events won the award. We're not being glib when we say it was genuinely enough for us to be finalists alongside Elaine. We work hard and we love what we do so recognition like that means a lot.

This Year

Since last year we've gone on to work on some amazing events and we've added Karl Kelly to the team on his placement from college. Karl is a great worker and has experience in events that belies his youth and the fact that he's still in college. 

We're delighted for ourselves and for Karl that our work has been recognised, seeing us in the finals in 3 categories as follows:

  • Event Manager of the Year - both Karl and I are finalists
  • Event Producer of the Year - both Karl and Martin are finalists
  • Safety Officer of the Year - both Martin and myself are finalists

And that's just the core Cuckoo team. . . 

The extended team

If you're clued into our work and what we do, then you'll know that we work very closely, very regularly, with others in the industry.

A number of what we like to call the 'extended Cuckoo Family' are also finalists too and we're chuffed for them!

  • Inhouse Event Person of the Year - Orla Kinsella, Keith Quinlan and Paul Barnes are all finalists. Orla worked for us on a couple of events last Summer, prior to her starting with the Camden Court Hotel. Keith is the Promotions & Events Manager at ULSU in Limerick. He's a client and he also works with us when his schedule allows. Then there's Paul Barnes from Fingal County Council. Paul runs the events for the CoCo and is one of our favourite clients. They're all great people. 
  • Safety Officer of the Year - Margaret Connelly is a finalist in this one, alongside Martin and myself. I've been working with Mags for many years now and (she claims, at least...) she taught me a lot of what I know about events and Event Safety. We still work with her regularly on events all around the country and it's only right that she's a finalist in this one. Good luck Mags! 
  • Volunteer / Intern of the Year - Aine Organ, Katie Scanlon and Stuart Garland are finalists in this one. We had the pleasure of having Aine work with us part time over a couple of months earlier this year. She's fantastic and has a great career ahead of her. We first encountered Katie in UL when she was working with Keith Quinlan and we have since involved her in a number of events we've run. She's very capable and nice with it. We do a lot of work with Stuart, as he's involved with the Fingal Volunteer Centre. We have the pleasure of working with him and his team on pretty much all the events we do with Fingal CoCo. He understands events and knows how important volunteers are to making them happen.

Orla, Keith, Paul, Katie, Mags, Aine and Stuart are all great events people. They really are.

We'd be over the moon for any of them to win any of the awards and we're already delighted they are finalists. 

We'd also like to give a mention to Paul and Mags for all the work they've done on the Safety Advisory Group project for Fingal County Council. That project is in the final of the Best Event Innovation category.

From an Event Safety perspective this project is truly leading the way in this country and will help people running events to make sure they're as safe as possible. We'd really like this one to win. 

Voting is open

I don't agree with these being decided by a public vote. That's just me though. For me, the fact that clients, colleagues and industry peers nominated us and we made the finals means a lot. 

That said, it'd look great for us to win any of the awards so if you fancy voting for any of us then head over here. It takes 3 minutes, and that's if you're struggling to decide what boxes to tick.

You DO NOT need to give them your company (just pop in '--') and you do not need to give them your phone number. Name and email is all. 


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