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May 16

Cuckoo To Host 'Drop-In Day' For People Looking For Events Work

We're being inundated with emails from people looking for part time work at the minute and we also have a very busy few months ahead so we're inviting people to drop in and see us on Monday 30th May.

UPDATE - the 'Drop-In Day' is happening on Monday 30th May. It wasn't on the 23rd so you haven't missed it! 

UPDATE - FYI our Event Team members tend to fill operatinoal roles a lot of the time. So, for instance, they can be members of a Safety Management Team, Transport Management Team, general event staff etc. This work often takes place outdoors on parade events, festivals, outdoor brand activities etc. We do conferences and awards shows etc too but they're a smaller part of what we do. We don't provide promo staff, hostesses etc. We have agencies we work with for those roles on client events. 

UPDATE - our Event Team members need to be 18 years and older.

Our Event Team

This is to find people to work on our Event Team. This is part time work on weekends and whatever other days we have events on.

We have a core group of around 15 people at the minute that form our Event Team but we're getting busier and busier and are always looking for more good people that can join the Team. We have weekends coming up where we will need upwards of 30 staff on a variety of events.

We're like a little family. We all get on well and work well together. Our clients benefit and we all enjoy working together. 

Our Event Team members enjoy the following:

  • Our Core Skills Training Programme. Read more on that here.
  • Opportunities to get on other courses too. 5 of the Team recently completed an Introduction to Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis through Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • Some great nights out where we celebrate our hard work.
  • Professional clothing, gear, PPE and equipment, as required. 
  • Opportunities to work on some amazing events. Take a look at Dublin Pride, Christmas Under the Clock, Dublin Marathon, Kodaline in a Castle, Malahide Festival for examples of some of what we've worked on.
  • Opportunities to learn from some great people working alongside you. Our Event Team members are the best around. No question.
  • Chances to run your own events and deal with our clients directly. 2 of our Event Team have @cuckoo.ie email addresses and deal with some clients directly for us too. 
  • The chance to work on a variety of initiatives designed to help people just like you and the event industry in Ireland 
  • Happiness, even after running 2 huge St. Patrick's Day parades in one day. . .

Why do 'drop-in'?

We've decided on the drop-in format for a few reasons:

  • SOME people look amazing on paper but are not so amazing in person. Other people do themselves NO justice in their CV but come across brilliantly in person. 
  • We think it'll be more fun for everyone this way.
  • It'll allow us to see you interact with us and your peers.
  • It'll allow more of our own Team to be involved in the process.
  • We hire based on the vibe we get off you rather than how you come across in an email or CV. Having you come in and meet with us works better for us. 
  • It gives you the opportunity to get in front of us rather than firing in emails and CVs and hoping for the best. 
  • You'll get to see where we work and how we work. You'll likely know very quickly whether you think you'd enjoy working with us or not.

We believe that unless you have the confidence and personality to do something like this and make yourself stand out, you're unlikely to be a good fit for us here. 

We like the idea of this and hopefully it works well. We may have nobody show up but that's fine too. 

How it'll work

We'll take turns in here to meet with people for around 10 / 15 minutes at a time. This won't be some long convoluted interview process. You'll get to chat with one of us for around 10 minutes to make yourself stand out. 

You could be waiting a bit or you could be straight in. You won't know til you land in. Also, we have to keep business running that day so if we're all caught up with something for a few minutes, so be it. We'll try not to keep you longer than you want to be here. 

When you land in you'll be given a really quick form to complete first. Once you've that done, we'll chat for a bit with you. 

You'll have those 10 / 15 minutes or so to make an impression.

We'll have water and fruit and a few bits so if you're popping in during your lunch break we won't let you starve! 

That's the guts of it!

Some advice

A few things you may want to consider:

  • You may well spend more time in the office with the REST of the Team than you will speaking to one of us individually. Keep that in mind and maybe think how that could be useful to you.
  • We're not everyone's cup of tea. Have a look around the website. See if we seem like people you'd enjoy working with. Check us out on Twitter. Get a feel for us. Ask around about us.
  • If the amount of emails we get in from people looking for work is anything to go by then this Drop-In Day could prove popular. Be prepared to make sure we remember you. Do yourself justice. Stand out from the crowd. 

Who we're looking for

We don't want to be too prescriptive here. We've always published an idea of the type of person we THINK we want before and have regularly been surprised by people who are completely different to the person we thought we wanted. 

The one thing we will say is you need to be sure events are what you want to do. You need a true passion for this game. We can spot that in people.

It'd help if you had

These aren't deal-breakers but they'll definitely help. 

  • Full drivers licence
  • Experience in events 
  • A drive to work in a very fast-paced, fun environment
  • A creative disposition

Key details

  • You don't NEED to send us your CV or anything else in advance of this if you're coming in. Some of you will, some won't, but it's not key. If you want to send something in you'll get us at hello@cuckoo.ie
  • If you ARE going to send in a CV then have a read of this
  • We're doing this on Monday 30th May from 10am to 8pm. We're going to go late with it for those of you who may be working somewhere else that day.
  • Our office is 79 Francis Street, Dublin 8. Map here. The front looks like this:

That's about the size of it, I think. 

Are you the right fit for us?

Come show us.

Rafika Kelly
June 2, 2016, 02:11 PM

Hello It looks like I missed a Drop in Day and I am really keen to have an opportunity to have chat. Is tgat possible? Sincerely Rafika

Mark @ Cuckoo
May 20, 2016, 08:17 AM

Hi Owen, Bring something. Bring nothing. Up to you. Just keep in mind you don't have a long time to make an impression so do what you can to make use of the time. See you on the 30th.

May 20, 2016, 12:18 AM

How's a going I'm gona drop into yous on the 30th if I can get off work do I need to bring anything or just myself

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