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Jun 14

What Does An Event Management Company Do?

One of our clients pointed out today that this week is a great example of the range of things that we do. It's a busy one and sees us all over the country, doing what we do.

So this is what WE do. We can't speak for other event companies. 

Of course, this is just a sample of one week in Cuckoo HQ. 

We have busier ones and we have quieter ones. 

That said, it does include a good mix of all that we do. 

Flavours of Fingal

We're a full team of staff working at Flavours of Fingal this weekend looking after the Transport Management side of things. Flavours is entering its 3rd year this year and it's getting bigger and better every year, with huge crowds attending last year. Advance site visits with the Event Controller have been done to ensure that Rob (our Team Lead) is familiar with the Plan and where his team fit in. 

As well as manning and managing the designated car parks, they'll be dealing with all of the following and more coming to the main entrance:

  • Customer vehicles
  • Trader / exhibitor vehicles
  • Staff vehicles
  • Livestock
  • Shuttle buses
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Trains (road trains, not real ones)

The team will be working closely with the Event Controller and Safety Officer as well as the local Gardaí. 

Full road closures are kept to a minimum so as to discommode local traffic and residents as little as possible. This means there's more 'managing' to be done on the ground by our team. 

We've taken the opportunity here to involve some new people on the event. We like to do that when we can. We ensure enough of our core team are on hand so the service to the client can't possibly suffer and then we bring in some new people.

They're paid for their work and they get to work with a good team on a good event.

We had over 60 people apply for the work we advertised for Flavours.

Event Safety

Along with having different events on this week for which we're involved in the Event Safety side of things, I'm also recording 2 radio interviews this week in relation to Event Safety at events over the Summer here. 

We're very active in this area and we're outspoken in how we thing things need to improve too. 

We approach everything we do with safety in mind and we believe it's the most important element of what we do for clients and for our clients' customers. 

Event development

We really enjoy getting involved in the creative side of events here in Cuckoo.

The Bray Head Slide is a new event as part of Bray Summerfest this year. We're working with the Summerfest team on a few different events and the Slide is one of them.

This one came about as a result of Karl in here (he's also the Production / Programming Director for the Summerfest) asking us all to have a think about a new event that could work in Bray. They're keen to add and develop the programme of events when they can. 

The Bray Head Slide is the result of the thinking that went on. We think it should work beautifully on Bray Head. Something similar was done earlier in the Summer in Bristol in the UK and we're really enjoying working on it for Bray. 

Guerrilla / experiential activity

We're working on some activity for a new client in Dublin which should hopefully see a very fun activity coming to the City this Friday. 

We can't say a whole lot about it and it only landed into us over the weekend so we're doing everything we can to work with the client to make it happen for them. 

Keep an eye out! 

Company family days

We're talking to different companies at the minute about putting together family fun days for their staff. 

One looks like being a nice BBQ vibe with the other being a family fun day, pure and simple. 

These ones are always enjoyable to work on as we all get to think like kids again for a while. 

Event Management Plans

We're working on 3 different Event Management Plans this week, so far.

We're becoming busier and busier with these and, as a result, have recently developed a simple Google Form which we use to speed up the process. Once we've met with the client and have agreed to take on the event, we then send them the Google Form to fill in. This ensures we get all the info we need to do our job properly for the client. It can save on delays and multiple emails asking questions etc. 

Constantly streamlining our processes like this allows us to be as efficient as possible while getting busier and busier. 


We've been selling wristbands for about 8 months now. We started as a result of a few good clients asking could we sort them out with wristbands. We found good suppliers and discovered we could offer wristbands at a very competitive price and, in some instance, cheaper than anyone else in the Irish market can. 

We do plain Tyvek wristbands at 12 cent each - regardless of how many you buy. To our knowledge, nobody else in the country does them that cheap unless you order minimum quantities in the thousands. As a result we sell a lot of those regularly. We also do flash sales of those where we sell them as cheap as 9 cent each. 

This week, though, it's more about the printed wristbands. We've travel, festival and venue clients ordering wristbands with their logo / branding on them. Again, we're able to do them at great value so clients are happy. 

We've over 50,000 arriving in this week for different clients as well as some more orders going in, it looks like.


Pitching can be a big part of what we do, especially for bigger events / projects.

Quite often there's a tender process and / or certain companies are invited to pitch for the business. 

This can be tricky. Doing a good pitch and, thus, giving ourselves a good shot at getting the work, can involve a lot of work. We want to be sure we can give it our best shot, if we're to take it on. 

This week we're putting one together and telling another prospective client that we won't be able to get it done to their schedule, unfortunately. We're just too busy this week.


Don't worry - we're not in trouble. 

One of the services we offer clients is going to court to secure licences on their behalf. This week we're in court to present an Event Management Plan for an upcoming event. We've done a lot of work on it and we don't see any issues. 

One of the tricks to securing licences for events is to have good relationships and open lines of communication with the Fire Officer and the local Gardaí etc. We pride ourselves on doing this well. We work with them as we put the plan together. That way, we're unlikely to face an objection from them when we go to court. 

Sea Sessions

Martin is up at Sea Sessions this weekend working as a Stage Manager.

He was up there last year too and got stuck in (as always) when things needed to be changed as a result of the high winds.

It helps that Martin is an experienced Safety Officer too, so he's always aware of the effect things like the wind can have on a festival schedule and the structures etc.  

Mother Bloc Party, Meeting House Square

This is an event run by GCN and Mother to coincide with PRIDE happening in Dublin. We worked on it for the last year too.

We do the Event Management Plan, meet with the Gardaí and Fire Officer etc., go to court to secure the licence and then provide the Event Controller and Safety Officer on the night of the event. 

It's all but sold out already and is always a great event with a great party vibe. 

Here's the case study from last year's event

The Derby, The Curragh

We're supplying some DJs to the people running The Derby in The Curragh this weekend.

We did the same last year for them. It's a great event and we're happy to help them out in a small way with it. 

Snow. No, really. Snow.

We've had a snow gig booked in for this weekend for about 4 months now. It's happening in The Palace in Tullamore. We do a lot with Darren and the lads in The Palace group.

We'll have the best foam and snow machines in the country and we do everything from snow at Christmas photo and video shoots through to covering entire city streets in snow at Christmas. 

Chasing payments

Oh and just in case you think it's ALL fun and games, it's not.

We're also chasing money we're owed from work we've already done. 

It's the LEAST fun part of what we do but it has to be done. 

Some people pull the piss. 


We have venues around the country for whom we supply their DJs on a weekly basis. It's a very small part of what we do and we only do it when good clients approach us and ask us to. It's not something we go looking for. 

That said, we're happy to do it as Martin, in particular, has worked with some great DJs over the years so we know we can supply good ones. 

Kanye & Pharrell

At some stage this week we've to sort our plan for next Wednesday too. 

We're taking the team to the Kanye & Pharrell concert as a little thank you for all the hard work they put in for us. We have a fantastic group of people who work for us, both full time and part time. 

Imagine being in our position - with the amount of shows we have going out, we need to have people we can trust on them. Those people need to not only be able to make the show happen but also need to be able to work with our clients and make sure they're happy. 

Finding people who can do both isn't that easy and we're happy to have Marian, Karl, Dave, Rob, Mags and Keith on board. 

Fun & games

Fun has to feature. 

There's a lot of messing in our office. 

Between Martin's infamous 'Choons o'clock' and everyone's favourite game of 'uhoh, Mark's sugars must be low as he's extra grumpy now', there's always something going on. 

And all the rest too. . . 

Of course, as is to be expected, we'll have other things land during the week that we'll have to find time to make happen.

Ask anyone working in events and I bet they tell you that one of the things they enjoy about it is that no two days are the same.

It's definitely one of the reasons I enjoy working in events. 

I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff for this week too. . .

That's this week. Last week was different. Next week will be different.

You get the idea. 

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