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Oct 16

Cuckoo Events Offering Internationally Accredited Crowd Safety Training

We announced this week that we are now an International Training Partner for Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still, the world's leading expert in crowd safety & risk analysis.

A large number of our full-time Team members as well as our part-time Event Team have trained with Keith already. I'm currently in 2nd year of the MSc in Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis in Manchester Metropolitan University, led by Keith.

We've been working hard for many years to ensure we're at the forefront of the event safety industry here in Ireland. We regularly travel abroad to train and up-skill as well as to attend conferences. This helps ensure we're up to date with all international best-practice, which helps us plan safe events for our clients. Working with Keith to deliver internationally accredited courses in this field is a logical next step. 

We're delighted to be working with Keith and are already planning our first Introduction to Crowd Safety & Risk Analysis course in early 2017. You can sign up here to be the first to hear the details. 

Keith has developed tools and techniques that we've use on a wide range of events. They've also been used in planning Olympic Games, royal weddings, NYE fireworks events, city-wide festivals and a variety of events ranging in size. The tools are applicable to all events. That's what makes them effective. 

Speaking about the partnership, Keith said I’ve worked with Mark and the team at Cuckoo for a number of years. Cuckoo have always impressed me with their friendly attitude, professionalism and consideration for crowd safety. Putting crowd safety FIRST, with no compromise, is a high standard to maintain in a competitive market, but Cuckoo have proven that the combination of safety and customer experience can work.

You can check out Keith's site here.

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