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Dec 12

Cuckoo Events Shares International Olympic Committee Award

We did a lot of work on the Olympic Torch Run event in June of 2012. It was a fantastic event. We even shared in an award as a result of the event.

The Cuckoo Events team was delighted to share in an award given to Fingal County Council by the International Olympic Committee for their work on hosting a leg of the Olympic Torch Run in Howth on June 6th this year.

We were brought in to help with the event management, as this was a large and important event that would have a lot of moving parts as well as the President of Ireland being in attendance. The event was covered by all the national TV stations as well as a lot of local and regional media.

Each country which hosted the Olympic Torch Run had one event receive this award, and our event was chosen for Ireland.

The presentation was made on Thursday 29th November at the Fingal CoCo offices in Swords. Mr. Pat Hickey from the IOC presented the plaque as well as a souvenir Olympic Torch to the Mayor of Fingal CoCo, Cian O'Callaghan. There was a great turnout at the event in the Council chambers, including some local school children who'd been part of the event on the day.

Check out the video from the Olympic Torch Run below. It includes footage from a fun run too, which was organised as part of the celebrations of the Olympics in Fingal. The Torch Run was an amazing event to be involved in.

Fingal CoCo has been a client of mine since before Cuckoo Events was born and this particular event was the first time that the Cuckoo Events team collectively worked together to run an event.

We worked with Paul Barnes and his team in the Council. They're a great bunch of people and work tirelessly to the benefit of those living in the Fingal area. We always enjoy working with Paul and his team and we were delighted to be invited to share in this award. Mags Connelly from Health & Safety Essentials was heavily involved too and we always enjoy working with Mags too.

For me, the event gave me a tiny glimpse in to how the Olympics was grabbing the imagination of the public around the world. I then went on to work at the Olympics in London as well as being Safety Officer for the Team Ireland Olympic Civic Reception in Dublin when they returned home. It was like a completing a circle that had begun in Howth for that leg of the Olympic Torch Run.

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