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Mar 14

Cuckoo's Counting Skills Are Just Fine, Thank You

We've had a couple of different people comment on the 'stats' element on our website lately. It lives at the top of the 'What We Do' page and we update it regularly. Our counting skills have been questioned, with people worried that we're underselling ourselves. Let me explain.

Here's the little stats section we're talking about. 

The people who asked us about it were all wondering if the 'Happy People at Cuckoo gigs to date, roughly' figure could possibly be right. Some were clients and another was a supplier. They were all people who know Cuckoo and the team here fairly well and would have a good handle on what events we've been involved in etc.

Each of them felt that the true figure must be higher than it was on the website. It currently stands at 192,077 people. 

It's fairly accurate, believe us. We have a system for calculating it. 

The big secret

We don't include attendances at EVERY gig we work in this number. It depends in what capacity we were at the event and what level of involvement we had in it. 

So, for example, we didn't include the 1000 or so people who took part in the Colour Dash for the Irish Cancer Society that we were involved in. All we did was offer to help, show up and use our paint gear to help shower the participants in paint powder. 

We DID include the 17,500 people who saw Riverdance in UL last month for which we provided the Event Controller. We were integral to that one so it was included. 

We didn't include the 51,000+ people who were in the Aviva Stadium for the Leinster Rugby match at which we made it snow. We were a very small element of that one. It would look GREAT to include it but that wouldn't be right. 

We DID include the 4,900 or so people who were at Sea Sessions last year as we provided the Safety Officer and some more staff

Make sense?

So there you have it. 

There's a simple system in play. 

Yes we've worked on and been part of events which have seen WAY more than 192,077 people involved but we wouldn't have the cheek to call some of them 'Cuckoo' events. 

We prefer to give a more accurate indication rather than pad the figures to impress. 

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