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Jul 16

Cuckoo's Busiest Week Ever, Domestically & Internationally

The weekend of the 25th / 26th June 2016 was the busiest in Cuckoo's near 4 year history. It's a true testament to the Team, both full time and part time, that Cuckoo could take on key roles in so many events at the same time.


That weekend saw us working with Fingal County Council on Flavours of Fingal. This is a huge county show event that's just getting bigger and better each year. With numbers in excess of 60,000 people across the weekend, it's one we enjoy working on. We've been working on it for a number of years now and this year saw our role expand significantly.

  • We provided an Event Controller and Safety Officer
  • We produced the Risk Assessments and Event Management Plan
  • We provided a Transport Management Team that is key to the successful operation of the event

We also ran Dublin Pride for the 2nd year running on the 25th June. We worked with the Dublin Pride team last year on what was a momentous Dublin Pride Festival and, off the back of that, signed a 2 year deal to run it again this year and next. Given that this one involves a parade through Dublin City Centre as well as an free family fun event in Merrion Square, it needed a strong Team from us to ensure it ran smoothly. 

  • We produced the Licence Application
  • We did the Risk Assessments and EMP
  • We provided the Event Controller, Safety Officer and a large Safety Management Team too

We had a Team running multiple performers by a Castellers group that were over at the invitation of the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland. This one came to us relatively late in the day but, with the strength in depth of our Team, we knew we could take it on and deliver it to our high standards. There were 4 performances in different locations around Dublin, one of them being at Merrion Square during the Dublin Pride event.

  • We produced the EMP
  • We provided a Team to run the event on the day
  • We provided a fluent Spanish speaker to ensure communications were effective


While all the above and more was happening domestically that weekend, Mark in here was over at Glastonbury working as part of the Safety Team.

Working with the good people in The Event Safety Shop, Mark couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience working at the world's most famous festival. It was a long, tough week but what he experienced and learned while there will stand to him and us all. 

Bottom line

As we grow we're going to have weekends / weeks / periods like this more and more often.

We are only able to take on a multitude of projects at the one time thanks to the Team we have, both part-time and full-time. We work hard to develop the Team and to ensure it's the best out there. It doesn't happen by accident. There's a sustained and focussed effort to find the best people and help them be even better. 

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