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Jan 14

Riverdance Raises The Roof On Opening Night In Limerick

Last night saw the opening night of Riverdance in the University Arena in UL. Doing a run of 7 sold out shows in Bill Whelan's hometown, the gig also marks the launch of the 20th Anniversary Year tour for the show.

Mark from here was Event Controller for last night's show and for the rest of the sold out run too on behalf of City of Culture

Event Controller is one of those roles you need a lot of experience for as you're the last port of call on everything. You're responsible for the whole thing - all the attendees, the staff, the performers, the staging, the seating, the contractors. . . everything. 

Providing Event Controllers for gigs would fall under our Event Management and Event Safety services here in Cuckoo.

We're experienced, qualified and fully insured to provide Safety Officers and Event Controllers. 

The gig itself was amazing. Riverdance shows always were. 

People were amazed that the Arena could be transformed into such a magnificent venue. It's been a huge operation to make it happen with the build and shows taking 8 days total. 

Check out some photos of the Venue coming together.

Pics are all courtesy of Dave Mahedy who is the sports Director in UL. He was lucky enough to be able to see it all coming together. 

All the work leads to this:

The room is great. The show is great. The atmosphere is great. The team is great. 

Key ingredients right there. 

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