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Sep 13

PaintGlow & Foam Sell Out For UL Freshers

For the 2nd year in a row we did our PaintGlow show to kick off Freshers Week in UL. The show we did for them in Sept 2012 was our first college show and only our 2nd show EVER. It sold out and was wild.

THIS year's sold out too and we followed it up with a huge SOLD OUT foam party for them too. 

We LOVE going back to UL to do shows and this week we did PaintGlow, Foam and we helped out with their Wheatus gig too to make sure the new 1st years kicked off their time in UL with a big bang!

This PaintGlow show was our first big product when we set up Cuckoo Events.

We'd been to the UK on numerous occasions to see it in action and to make sure it cleaned up afterwards. It was obvious that crowds LOVED it but the clean up was key. Luckily, it all cleaned up fine, we bought the rights EXCLUSIVELY  in Ireland and it's been on the road ever since.

It's very difficult to describe a PaintGlow show to people so check out the video and it'll make more sense.

This is from the show we did for ULSU last March as part of their Charity Week. Yes, it did so well for Freshers that it went back and sold out again for Charity Week.

We've discovered as well, as the PaintGlow show has developed, that it's at its absolute best when Martin from in here DJs for it. It makes sense, I guess, as he knows the show and he knows how to play songs to get the crowd going and to build up to the cannon blasts etc. Martin always DJs the UL gigs and a lot of the great feedback off this week's one is about how good the music was. Nice one Martin. 

So the PaintGlow show on Monday night sold out. 

We then did a foam show on Tue night for them. That sold out. 

That's around 1300 people each night. 

Here's a video of the last Foam Party we did in UL. 

Without fail PaintGlow and our Foam Parties are filling venues. 

Need a mad party for your venue?!

Get in touch! You'll get us in the office on 01 640 1575 or pop us a mail to hello@cuckoo.ie

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