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Aug 13

Cuckoo Booking Manager DJs At Oxegen. Again.

Hi! I'm Martin and I'm the Booking Manager here in Cuckoo. I'm also a DJ and have been DJing for over 24 years now all around the country. I've had the pleasure of DJing at Oxegen loads of times but this year was something special!

In fairness, no matter what else I'm doing with Cuckoo and how busy we are with other stuff, I do still LOVE to get a bit of DJing in! I still do some regular gigs around the place but doing a festival is something completely different. 

The lads in Headphone Disco asked me to do the last slot on Sunday night in the Dance Arena.

With around 5,364 people in the room it was bloody mental.

I know that's very specific number but we're Event Safety professionals in here too so I'm a dab hand at doing head counts for crowds. 

Check out the size of the crowd. Oh, and forgive the crappy photos from my iPhone. That thing is seriously on the way out. . . 

I MAY have gotten a bit carried away with myself at one point too. Maybe. . . 

I really enjoyed Oxegen this year. The site layout is completely different, making it a bit more compact. It meant people having less of a trek to get from one arena or stage to another. They'd also re-oriented the layout in the Dance Arena and I think it worked really well. 

Here's hoping they ask me back again next year and maybe an even greater involvement for us here in Cuckoo! 

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