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Sep 13

Outdoor Le Galaxie Fringe Gig Out Of This World

Le Galaxie played to a sold out crowd in Meeting House Square on Sat 14th September as part of Dublin Fringe Festival.

We were asked to come in and look after the Event Management of the gig.

We've worked with Le Galaxie's management before and we're obviously very familiar with Meeting House Square, given the amount of gigs we've been in volved in there lately.

This gig was done in association with Mother Dublin and we've also worked with them before too when we ran their Pride event.

The gig was sold out well in advance, so we had 800 happy people in there on the night.

The atmosphere was electric. It was the first unveiling of Le Galaxie's new 3D show and the crowd loved it! The gig was a dry gig, with no alcohol available, but that didn't seem to make any difference to those there to enjoy the show.

We did put in a lovely airstream van concession unit which was serving soft drings, burgers and some beautiful wings. The lovely people at Just Wing It were responsible for that one.

It was a super gig. Le Galaxie are a great live act and are always guaranteed to make a party happen!

Here are some pictures from the gig. There are more to come. My phone died on the night!

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