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Oct 13

Flavours Of Fingal Attracts Huge Crowds

The Flavours of Fingal annual county show is a big event in the calendar Fingal County Council. With everything from cooking demos to bouncy castles and sheep dog trials to yoga demos, there's something for all the family!

This year was our first year being involved in Flavours of Fingal. We must admit, it's a much bigger operation and attraction than we were expecting.

With everything from sheep dog trials to cooking demonstrations and from prize show bulls to bouncy castles, there really was something for everyone.

We were in looking after some Event Management and Event Safety elements of the event for the County Council. We were doing a lot of transport management work, given the large numbers of cars arriving, as well as buses and trains too.

It ran on Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th of September.

Fingal CoCo put a lot of work into the event. It had a huge volunteer involvement element too which is a feature of all of Fingal CoCo's work.

The weather on Saturday was fantastic and there must have been around 15,000 people through the gates, I'd imagine. The weather was a bit duller and wetter on the Sunday but there were still large crowds. The wind also caused us a few issues on the Sunday. It's always one of the joys of running outdoor events in Ireland, isn't it!?

We were delighted to see our old friends Smash Hits entertaining the crowds too!

Fair play to the Events Unit in Fingal CoCo and everyone elese in there who made the whole thing happen. A super event with great potential. 

Here is the video of the event which gives you a nice taste of the whole thing!

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