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Sep 13

Cuckoo Delighted To Be Involved With Culture Night

We were delighted to be involved in the buzz and vibe around Culture Night in Dublin this year. We were looking after the outdoor events across the city.

We provided the Event Controller and some Event Management staff.

The Culture Night gigs we were looking after included a 'street-party' type event on South Frederick Street, the RTE Concert Orchestra playing in Meeting House Square as well as other smaller events in and around Temple Bar.

We had an Assistant Event Controller (Kathy Kinsella) and a Safety Officer (Joanne Moore) too which helped a lot, given the geographical spread of the events around the city.

Dublin City was buzzing. Some of that was undoubtedly due to it being a Friday night but there was a definite increase in activity and crowds as a result of it being Culture Night.

The Gallery Archive beside MHS was also open late and was extremely popular which was another element of the whole thing requiring good management, given their entrance is right at the entrance to MHS.

The concert in MHS was being broadcast live on RTE Radio which added an interesting angle on it too and meant that timings were stuck to more rigidly than normal.

The queue to come in stayed constant & (if you know the area) was stretching around the corner past Charlie's and up past NEDE for the whole night.

We were doing an 'out & in' system all night, meaning as ten people left we would let ten more in. It was very important from an Event Safety point of view that we constantly stay on top of the numbers at the event.

EQ Audio and Eventserv did great work on the night too to make sure everything was spot on.

Here are some pictures from the gig in Meeting House Square.

Were you at any of the Culture Night gigs this year?

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