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Jul 13

Cuckoo & PaintGlow Help With Irish Cancer Society Colour Dash

A little while back we heard about the Irish Cancer Society inaugural Colour Dash 5k run in Phoenix Park. We thought we could help out by using some of our equipment from our PaintGlow show to fire paint at the start of the event so we got in touch with the lovely Liz in Irish Cancer Society and involved we got!

We were delighted to be able to help out with the first ever Irish Cancer Society Colour Dash 5k event in Phoenix Park today.

It was sponsored by Crown Paints. Clever, eh?! Fair play to Crown Paints for getting involved in the Colour Dash and helping with costs of getting the tonnes of coloured paint they used at the event. If you need paint, go talk to them. They're sound.

When we heard about the event we decided to get in touch within the Irish Cancer Society to see if we could help out. We had an idea that our custom-built PaintGlow equipment could be useful in firing off paint to signal the start of the run.

We got in touch with the lovely Liz in there and we met with herself and Kate and we came up with the plan for us to help out.

We were on site at 7am. We'd a gig the night before and only got away from that at around 3am so 7am in Phoenix Park was a challenge but we made it happen.

We set up all our gear and test fired with the paint to make sure all was good and then, as each wave of a few hundred people went through, we fired off loads of yellow paint powder from our PaintGlow bazookas. It was quite the spectacle.



Here's a nice little video the poeple over at The AA did of their staff taking part in the event. 

Here are a few photos from the Colour Dash.

Some happy people at the Colour Dash

All smiles at the Irish Cancer Society Colour Dash

Colour Dash start line

Colour Dash finish line

Want to know more?

Check out the Irish Cancer Society Facebook page and the Facebook page for the Colour Dash specifically. If you weren't there this year then you should definitely get involved for next year.

The others who helped make it happen

Liz and Kate and the team in Irish Cancer Society deserve a lot of credit for coming up with the Colour Dash idea and making it happen.

Also a big shout out to Claire Sexton and her team at Verve who supplied a load of inflatables on the day (Claire also ran and restocked us with yellow paint for the bazookas at one point so thanks Claire!), Hermitage Medical Clinic who provided lots of free water, Brian and Zoe in Irish Triathlon for helping run the whole thing and Spin1038 for getting involved in pushing the event out, especially Ryan and Tracey who actually took part. Oh! Energie Fitness were there too helping those running to limber up and help avoid injury.

There were surely more people there helping out I've not name-checked. Apologies if I left you out, and thanks!

It was a great event and we hope to be involved for many years to come!

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