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Oct 14

2500 People Turn Out For Ireland's First Run For Your Lives Event

Sunday 26 October saw the first staging of Run For Your Lives, described as a zombie-infested 5km obstacle run. We were delighted to be involved in bringing this concept to life.

This was one of those rare occasions where we get to work with 2 clients to put on a great event. 

Youth Nation were the people behind the event and the venue was provided by Fingal County Council

As far as we know this was the first xombie run of its kind held in Ireland. 

The build (up)

This event was months in the planning. There was work to do finding a venue, designing a route, designing obstacles, building obstacles and more. It was a big undertaking and it wasn't done overnight. 

The actual build itself took place the day before hand and we had a full team of 10 people on site til almost midnight making it all happen.

How it played out

People bought tickets and were assigned a wave in which they would run. They were told to arrive a half hour before their wave time to give time for them to register and warm up etc. 

The weather stayed nice for the event and there was a superb vibe at the registration area as people turned up and signed in. The only issue with that was that most of them arrived earlier than their wave was due to arrive so it put the registration staff under pressure. We increased the numbers processing registrations and got everyone through as quickly as possible. 

Just over 2500 people took part in the event, which is HUGE for the first staging of an event like this.

Similar events which have gone on to be very successful here saw nowhere near those numbers on their first outing so that's a really good sign.

On top of those running the event, we also had almost 100 people who took part as zombies. The zombies were all around the course, some obvious and some not so obvious and they were there to try get the tags off the runners. 

There was a full professional makeup team on hand from Enigma The Agency from 10am to make our zombies really look the part. 

Check these out!

As a runner, if you finished the full 5km with at least 1 of your tags still on you then you were a 'Survivor' and you got a lovely T shirt to prove it, too.

Some of those participants were serious 5km runners. Others were there for the zombie fun and more again were there for the obstacle element.

It really had something for everyone.

Always learning

This event was a new one for ALL of us - Youth Nation and ourselves alike. 

We feel like we had a good handle on how to go about it and the event worked very well. 

That said, we're not idiots, and we spotted plenty of things we could improve on or alter for next time. 

We'll all be working hard to make sure the next one is even bigger and better. 

Doing it right

There's a reason we like working with both these clients: they do things right.

Fingal CoCo know how to run events. They know what's important and they know what's involved.

They are the most progressive local authority we've worked with.

Youth Nation know their market and we've met very few 'promoters' who are as accomplished as Mark, Jamie and co. 

Check out the promo video and some of the promo images they're produced for the event. 

The lads also did a photocall with some sexy zombies which got great media coverage including the front page of the Metro here in Dublin. 

They did loads of work on social media to build the hype and it worked really well.

The bottom line

This event had all the ingredients to be a really good one - and that's exactly how it turned out. 

There was a great team on it (we WOULD say that!) and we all worked very well together to make it happen. 

You can check out more on the event over at and on the Facebook Page here

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