We do our work as Safe Events now. If you want to check us out come see us at safeevents.ie

Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ

May 15
One Flew Into The Cuckoo's Nest
Lisa fits right in in ANY situation!

Kasey is only the 2nd placement student we've taken on in here. We offered it to her the first time she came in to talk to us. No shit. We had already checked in with 2 people whose opinions we value and both said she'd be perfect for us. She is.

Hi there! We don't really operate as Cuckoo Events any longer.

The majority of our work now is done as Safe Events. This website is still live as there are a LOT of resources on here - particularly in our Blog section - that people still access very regularly. If that's why you're here, carry on!

If you're looking to maybe speak with us about working with you on your event, then click below and come see us at Safe Events.