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Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ

Dec 13
#CuckooClaus Carries On Where He Left Off
#CuckooClaus was in with the nice folks in 98FM and Spin103.8

After the reaction to #CuckooClaus Day One we knew what we were likely facing into today, in fairness. The city of Dublin welcomed #CuckooClaus with wide open arms today again and the Christmas cheer was very much spread big time!

Dec 13
#CuckooClaus Was Popular On Day One
The nice ladies in Burrell PR enjoyed seeing #CuckooClaus !

Today was Day One of our #CuckooClaus activity and it went rather well. People in agencies, bars, restaurants and media outlets ALL over Dublin were treated to some Christmas cheer courtesy of our Santa Claus. Oh, and random people on the street too.

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