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Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ

Aug 13
Damo Is Back, Tearing The Roof Off The Wright Venue
Damo in full flow in The Wright Venue!

One of our favourite clients in here are Damo & Ivor. We look after all their live touring dates and we really love doing those gigs. They've been busy filming their new TV show for months so haven't been gigging. Until last night, when Damo did this.

Aug 13
5 Of The Worst Recent Concert Stage Collapses
Moments after stage collapse at Indiana State Fair, 2011

There have been some major disasters at concerts & festivals which have seen full stages collapse injuring and, in some instances, killing people. We're going to look at 5 of the worst in recent times in the hopes that it might bring home to people that things can go wrong and that all precautions need to be taken, both by organisers and attendees.

Aug 13
6 Reasons Events Need Specialised Pit Security
A G4S Pit Team at work in the UK

All events need security and all events with a 'Pit' area and a large proportion of the crowd looking to be up front at the front of stage barrier need a specialised Pit Security team. Working security in the Pit requires special skills.

Aug 13
Cuckoo Booking Manager DJs At Oxegen. Again.
Me and my adoring crowd in the Dance Arena! Ha!

Hi! I'm Martin and I'm the Booking Manager here in Cuckoo. I'm also a DJ and have been DJing for over 24 years now all around the country. I've had the pleasure of DJing at Oxegen loads of times but this year was something special!

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